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Collaborative dispute resolution processes allow you to reach outcomes that you agree to, that are workable, and that are private.  Some people think that divorce is an expensive, ugly, drawn-out battle where nobody wins.  I help people reach a satisfying conclusion using Mediation.

In Mediation you are treated with respect.  You control how soon you resolve your dispute and get on with your life.  I facilitate and work with you to maintain important relationships.  I have over 33 years of dispute resolution experience.

Deb has offices in Vancouver and on the North Shore.

Articles + Events

Deb is a retired lawyer.

Throughout her over 30 years of experience as a Mediator & Lawyer, Deborah Lynn Zutter has provided training and written for various respected publications in the Mediation and Legal professions:

How to Divorce and Not Wreck the Kids

CBC Documentary: January 8th, 2009 at 9 pm. Watch this documentary to see real couples using colaborative law and mediation! For a preview, click here.

Lawyers Weekly

How to Handle Estate and Elderly Mediation, December 5th 2008. (View Article)

An Introduction To Collaborative Law

October 29, 2008 West Vancouver Victim Services

"Mentoring Effectively - The Art of Communication"

Women Lawyers Forum, CBA. April 2, 2008, Vancouver BC.

"Preparing For Mediation"

The MTI Monthly: March 2008

News and notes from Mediation Training Institute International for all who share an interest in conflict and its management. Continuously published since January 2003. Visit MTI at

BOOK OF THE MONTH: "Preparing for Mediation: An ADR Guide" by Deborah Lynn Zutter. A useful guide for consumers of mediation services. (View book details)

"Where Medicine and Law Connect"

Article, with Dr. Lynn Beck. Published in British Columbia Medical Journal, 2008. (View Article )

"What My Family Did for My divorce"

Article, Published in Divorce Magazine, 2008. (View Article)


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Divorce Mediation (Book)

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"When my husband and I separated, I did some research around our options for negotiating a separation agreement. Since we are pretty amicable, and with cost a consideration, we agreed to try the collaborative law process. I am very glad that we did it this way.

Deb Zutter is fair, organized, honest, and the epitome of what a collaborative lawyer should be. She kept her eye on our goals and the dignity of the process, and remained focused, while making sure that everything important was addressed. She acknowledged and dealt with my many emotions, while remaining sensible and pragmatic. She was kind to me and to my spouse, and kept the needs of our children and the financial realities in mind. There were some complications in the process, which Deb handled with intelligence, grace and skill. She kept in contact, and was approachable and open.

I would not hesitate to recommend Deb Zutter for anyone interested in collaborative family law."

Barbara Bradey

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