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Checklist 1 - Process Selection

There are six key considerations when deciding what dispute resolution process to use.  The answers to the questions listed in this Checklist will point to the right dispute resolution process to use at this time.

1. Time
  • Does it matter how much time is spent preparing for, and participating in, the dispute resolution process?
  • How important is it to you to resolve the dispute quickly?
2. Resources
What will each process truly cost:
  • In lost opportunity?
  • In legal and other related expenses?
  • In personal stress?
  • In future relationships?
3. Relationships
  • Will you and the other disputant have to interact in the future?
  • Does the quality of your future relationship with the other disputant have the potential of hurting or helping you?
  • Is it important that you treat each other with respect?
  • What could happen in the future if either of you are unsatisfied with the process or the outcome?
4. Ability to Negotiate
  • Is collaboration possible between you and the other disputant(s)?
  • Is each disputant seeking a realistic outcome?
  • Are you emotionally ready to negotiate?
5. Privacy
  • Does the dispute itself have a public dimension?
  • How will publicity affect you, your business, your family and your relationship with the other disputant?
6. Outcomes. What do you need?
  • A non-binding neutral evaluation of contentious facts or criteria?
  • A decision reached by a neutral party?
  • A detailed, voluntary agreement reached by you and the other disputant(s)?
  • An enforceable and public court decision?

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"When my husband and I separated, I did some research around our options for negotiating a separation agreement. Since we are pretty amicable, and with cost a consideration, we agreed to try the collaborative law process. I am very glad that we did it this way.

Deb Zutter is fair, organized, honest, and the epitome of what a collaborative lawyer should be. She kept her eye on our goals and the dignity of the process, and remained focused, while making sure that everything important was addressed. She acknowledged and dealt with my many emotions, while remaining sensible and pragmatic. She was kind to me and to my spouse, and kept the needs of our children and the financial realities in mind. There were some complications in the process, which Deb handled with intelligence, grace and skill. She kept in contact, and was approachable and open.

I would not hesitate to recommend Deb Zutter for anyone interested in collaborative family law."

Barbara Bradey

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