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Checklist 11 - Data and Information

You need information and data to make good decisions.  This Checklist helps you identify what you require.  As enduring outcomes are more likely when interests and objectives are applied to data and information, combine this Checklist with Checklist #9.

1. What are the Facts?
  • Gather and review witness statements.
  • Obtain and review the accident report or other objective descriptions of the events.
  • If this is a contractual dispute, obtain the contract and any addendums to it.
  • Gather the documents that you believe show that the contract was broken.
2. Why did it happen?
  • What is the disputant?s explanation for why it happened?
  • What documents are available to support this explanation?
  • Look for assumptions in the explanation, then check them out and gather documents supporting what is uncovered
  • What other explanation for the event do the documents and data suggest?
3. How do experts explain what took place?
  • Obtain expert reports.
  • If the expert reports provide opposing opinions, review the assumptions on which the opinions are based
  • Check these out.
4. What are the consequences of the event?
  • If there are medical consequences, gather medical reports that substantiate the injury.
  • Gather receipts for any financial consequences, such as, medication, repairs, chiropractor fees, long distance charges and transportation.
  • When receipts are not available, record data such as the mileage to and from the physiotherapist?s office and the number and dates of attendances.
5. What do experts have to say about the likelihood of full recovery and the degree of loss?
  • Obtain medical reports.
  • Obtain engineering reports.
6. What will it cost to repair, rebuild or compensate?
  • Obtain detailed estimates.
  • If loss of income is claimed, gather proof of income before the event.
  • If a career change is anticipated, gather information about the cost and availability of training for or transition to the proposed new career.
7. What expert reports are called for to quantify amounts, such as the value of a company, the value of property and so forth?
  • Order financial statements.
  • Order a property appraisal.
  • Order an actuarial report.

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