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Checklist 9 - Interests and Objectives

Use this Checklist to gain insight into what is motivating you, to make your best guess about what is motivating others who are involved in the dispute, and to brainstorm creative ways to meet all your objectives. Key Questions:

1. Your Objectives
  • What are your objectives?
  • Rank them in order of importance.
  • Distinguish between essential and "wish list" objectives.
2. Other Objectives
What do you think the other objectives are concerning this dispute?
  • Rank them in order of importance.
  • Distinguish between essential and "wish list" objectives.
3. Identical
  • What objectives do you seem to have in common?
4. Complementary
  • Which objectives appear to be independent of each other?
5. Incompatible
  • Which objectives appear to be in conflict?
  • In what creative ways could these be overcome?
6. Hunches
  • How can you check out your hunches about the other's objectives?
7. Trades
  • What do you have that you believe that other disputant wants or could benefit from?
  • What does that other disputant possess that you could benefit from?
  • How might a trade work?
8. Timing
  • Can the timing of events be structured to meet both your objectives and those of the other disputant?
9. Laws
  • How can laws and rules, such as income tax, be applied for mutual gain?

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