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The Checklists

There are numerous decisions to make as you work your way through a dispute. Whether you are a disputant or a lawyer, these Checklists will assist you to make conflict resolution decisions objectively and in an organized manner. You may not need every Checklist for the dispute that you are dealing with. You will know which ones are applicable. Please select any of the checklists to begin.


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Divorce Mediation (Book)

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"I am a family lawyer and mediator in the Okanagan and I write to thank you for writing, Preparing for Mediation: A Dispute Resolution Guide. I read the entire book in a few hours before a challenging mediation session. Your book was well organized, easy to understand and filled with useful practical tips and summaries. I felt very confident going into the mediation as your book was a complete refresher to the mediation courses I have taken. We managed to resolve shared custody, child and spousal support and a division of the property on a very difficult and highly contested file. Thank you again for your wonderful book! I will recommend it to both colleagues and clients."

Cori L. McGuire, Co-Chair of the Okanagan Family Law Section of the CBA

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