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Eligibility Questionnaire

The purpose of completing the Questionnaire "Are You a Candidate for Mediation or for Collaborative Family Law?" is not to provide legal advice or information. By completing and submitting the Questionnaire you agree that no legal advice, or other advice, was given or received with respect to completing, submitting and receiving an answer to the Questionnaire "Are You a Candidate for Mediation or for Collaborative Family Law?". Further, you agree that in no event will Deborah Lynn Zutter be liable for any loss or damage of whatsoever kind arising out of or in connection with the use of "Are You a Candidate for Mediation or for Collaborative Family Law?".

In some relationships one person is afraid to be in the same room with the other person. This sense of danger can increase at separation.If you are afraid of being in the same room with your partner then it is unlikely that mediation will work for you. If you believe that, even though you are afraid, you could negotiate with your partner if your lawyer was present, than collaborative law may work for you. You need to discuss your fears with your lawyer.

Are You a Candidate for Family Mediation or Collaborative Law?

Submit your answers to the following questions. Your score will help you decide what process to use at this time to resolve your dispute.

1. Which arrangement applies to you:  For this questionnaire, Common Law means living together for 2 years or more
  Married & still living together
Married & living apart 
Common Law & still living together
Common Law & living apart
Lived less then 2 years together
Never lived together
2. Do you and your partner:
  Cooperate most of the time
Cooperate some of the time
Seldom cooperate
Find it almost impossible to cooperate
3. Are you:
  Committed to staying out of court
Wondering whether you will need a judge to tell you what to do
Thinking that the two of you will need a judge
4. Are you:
  Quite skeptical about whether you can reach an agreement together
Committed to reaching a negotiated agreement with your partner
Hoping that with the help of your lawyer, you will reach an agreement
Willing to try negotiating but wondering if you and your partner can settle
5. What is your history of criminal or civil court involvement with your partner?
  No prior involvement
1-2 times, over a year ago
Less then a year ago
More then two attendances at court
6. Do you:
  Have a plan or position about settlement that you intend to stick to
Want to look for a solution that will work for both you and your partner
7. How important is your partner to the welfare of your child(ren)?
  Very important
Somewhat important
Not important – something to offer
No importance – nothing to offer
8. Which of the following issues is most important to you?
  Relocation – one of you wants to move away with the child(ren)
Religious, educational or health decisions about your child(ren)
Threatening or violent behaviour
Parenting Plan
Child support
Spousal support
Division of family assets and debts
9. Which of the following statements best describes your attitude to working with a lawyer as you uncouple:
  I want to work with a lawyer who will help me reach a fair settlement
I want to keep lawyer involvement to a minimum
If I have to see a lawyer then I will but I would prefer not to
Your assessment will appear in a pop-up message box.


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