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Mediate BC (visit website)
This Roster provides the names and details about mediators who are qualified to mediate disputes under BC’s Notice to Mediate Regulations. The Family roster lists experienced family mediators who also have training in family dynamics and power imbalance.
Family Mediation Canada (visit website)
There is a great deal of information about family mediation available on this website. The Code of Conduct is posted. There is a roster of mediators that includes information about whether a mediator has been certified.
ADR Institute of Canada (visit website)
The institute is a national dispute resolution organization for mediators and arbitrators. It is also a service provider and will arrange for mediations for all types of civil disputes. Some members have been assessed and awarded “Chartered Mediator” status.
The Joy of Conflict Resolution (visit website)
Gary Harper's book, the Joy of Conflict Resolution, is a quick, humorous book read that offers useful tips to deal with difficult people and situations at work and at home.

Family Law

BC Parenting Coordinators (visit website)
For those continuing conflict parents, parenting coordinators are available to make timely decisions about many day-to-day aspects of parenting without the need to return to court. The web site explains the role of parenting coordinators and lists the trained roster members.
Canadian Bar Association (visit website)
As a national association of lawyers, this web site provides a wide variety of legal information. The National Alternative Dispute Resolution Section publishes its own newsletter, Possibilities/Possibilités.
Kids BC - Changeville (visit website)
Kids BC provides a virtual world - called Changeville - full of the kind of confidential support, advice and comfort needed by a child experiencing a family breakup. Young people use a series of kid-friendly games and activities to help them cope.
Changes to BC Family Law (visit website)
Visit the BC Ministry of Justice site for information about the changes to family law and resources.


Governmant of Canada: Department of Justice (visit website)
Visit this site for child support guidelines.
Calculate your child support and spousal support (visit website)
Visit this website for general calculations of child support and spousal support.
Divorce Magazine (visit website)
This online and print magazine serves the North American divorcing population with many resources and practical articles. It offers helpful materials and perspectives about all aspects of divorce.

Collaborative Law

Collaborative Divorce (visit website)
Information about the collaborative family law process and contact details for Vancouver's collaborative professionals are posted on this web site.
Collaborative Roster (visit website)
In anticipation of the regulations governing collaborative practitioners under the new Family Law Act, a roster of qualifying collaborative practitioners throughout the province has been established.
International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (visit website)
Information about the international collaborative law movement and contact details for all IACP members are posted on this site.
Collaborative Family Law (visit website)
Information about the collaborative family law process and contact details for the Lower Mainland collaborative professionals are posted on this web site.

General Legal Information

Clicklaw (visit website)
This site provides legal information, education and help for British Columbians. Clicklaw contains general legal information. It is not intended to be used as legal advice for a specific legal problem

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"If you are going through a separation or divorce and overwhelmed by the considerations this book is a good place to start. In plain language Zutter covers all the tasks facing you and makes sense of it all. Even if you don’t choose mediation, the book is still a great resource for laying out the process."

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