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Many couples find that the least expensive and most effective way of negotiating issues between them is by working with a specially trained, experienced and impartial mediator. I can help to keep you both on track, despite your differences, your strong emotions and communication difficulties, and, in most cases, I can help to relieve you of the anxiety that surrounds family disputes.

Here are some tools to help you:

Mediation: Document Checklist
Good decisions are made with adequate information. You need to gather documents about your assets, debts, income and expenses and bring these to mediation. This tool helps you to collect the documents that you will need in an orderly and thorough manner.

(Available formats: Word, PDF, RTF)

Mediation: Family Net Worth
The family asset and debt documents that you gather will have amounts that you may want to insert into the attached spreadsheet. If you use data for same date - say June 30th - then you will get a fairly accurate sense of your financial picture.

(Available formats: PDF, Excel)

Family Mediation: Frequently Asked Questions
This document describes family mediation, the kinds of matters that it is used for, the process, and my role. It will help you to determine what mediation is and whether it is the right process for you at this time.

(Available formats: Word, PDF, RTF)

Family Mediation: Agreement to Mediate
Each spouse signs an agreement like this one at the beginning of mediation. At times, clauses are added or deleted. You are encouraged to review this agreement with your lawyer.

Please note that while it is not necessary for you to have a lawyer, a lawyer can help you to understand what your obligations and entitlements are as well as the consequences of any agreement that you are contemplating. It is possible to find a lawyer who respects your decision to avoid litigation and who is prepared to work with clients who choose to use mediation.

(Available formats: Word, PDF, RTF)

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"I am a family lawyer and mediator in the Okanagan and I write to thank you for writing, Preparing for Mediation: A Dispute Resolution Guide. I read the entire book in a few hours before a challenging mediation session. Your book was well organized, easy to understand and filled with useful practical tips and summaries. I felt very confident going into the mediation as your book was a complete refresher to the mediation courses I have taken. We managed to resolve shared custody, child and spousal support and a division of the property on a very difficult and highly contested file. Thank you again for your wonderful book! I will recommend it to both colleagues and clients."

Cori L. McGuire, Co-Chair of the Okanagan Family Law Section of the CBA

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